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Wife fucked at strip club

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Wife fucked at strip club

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We liked to dife things spiced up and new. However, she was turned on by the female body. So we would go to strip clubs every so often, knowing that afterward she would be really turned on. We never expected anything to happen at the strip club as being a couple, strippers usually leave us alone. We decided to go check out our favorite club on a Saturday night.

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This guy was old enough to be her father and his finger was in her pussy. Holy Shit that was hot. So he started buying her several lap dances and would go fukced them each time. She rubbed two of them back and forth over her clitoris until Carol let out a shallow gasp as she had a quiet orgasm. You could tell the stripper was into women at least some, she was excited to show her the experience. My wife was loving it!

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She was moaning and then told him to fuck her brains out. I wanted to put a stop to this while wite the same time, I was hard and wanted to see what she would do. He was in town for training for his job, he was staying at a hotel a few blocks away. The first few times she tolerated it but complained it hurt.

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He said he was staying at a hotel just down the street, a Holiday Inn. He then pulled off his pants and laid back, she started sucking his already hard cock. He held her hair and pulled her head back.

We visited the bar and stood around for a few minutes when we found a table open up toward the side of the club. She would occasionally come back to sit at my table, but as she drank that became less frequent an occurrence. She was wearing no panties and instead had on an all in one garment that was stockings with a garter belt attached.

She looked like a lawyer meeting her boyfriend for a tryst after work. As my wife made out with the stripper, she was gyrating her hips slowly enjoying the hand of the stripper.

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Siren then pulled back and recovered her so that she could show some love to the other tippers. Carol was really hot from being with Amanda for the first time and grabbed the base of stirp cock and began stroking the bottom as she sucked hard on the top. So he switched and she got into position. He then moved his hand to her skirt and pulled upwards slightly.

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He would thrust deep to shoot his load culb her and then stopped altogether. We never exchanged s or names or anything that night. We both were staring at a big titted redhead dancing sensuously on the stage. He then stopped cumming and held himself all the way inside her for a little bit. When we first met I began eating her pussy and I thought she would have a heart attack.

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We had more drinks and she was getting really tipsy. He then made his move and immediately started pulling her dress up and off.

I could tell she was really getting into this and realized we needed to figure something out. I explained it was my wife getting a dance and he understood and moved away. The men loved seeing this, especially the older gentleman sitting next to her. She went right to the bathroom, no doubt to wipe wlfe all the cum.

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He got behind her and immediately started going to pound town. So she could look up and see him mounting her from behind.

She took a few minutes to get up, we talked for a little bit. A stripper she thought was hot was coming by and she flagged her over. The dancer and the guy fuvked I was watching this and were giving me a great show. She then reached over and gently rubbed his groin which was bulging. Now that I had a chance to see him, he was bigger than me. The feeling of her hand and her mouth on my cock was unbearable.

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Our hour in the private booth was up, but we enjoyed the club so much we fucked and watched the strips for another two hours. Two girls were dancing on two of the stages and on Tuesday a third stage in the corner had male dancers. Carol then continued licking and sucking the left wife cum off my cock until it was all clean. Party, Group, Funny, Dancing 25 fuckrd Popularity: 51 pornmagnat Club sex xxx video Mostly club amateur gals with few drinks on board, horny as fuck and willing to go further with their night by having sex with random strangers at the club or even with real strippers.

Carol told Amanda, that was my first time with a woman it was great.

The stripper let out a soft squeal, and called Cindi a dirty girl when she discovered she had no panties on.